Monday 2 July 2012

Future Fantasteek! No.5

...Credit Crunch Issue

My computer 'ate' this issue, so it's not on issuu or anywhere else for that matter.
I'll re-scan the original pages sometime and re-construct it, but don't go holding your breath...

You can however, see a surviving version of it here:

Softback Zine printed in greyscale on yellow paper, with colour center pages,
includes a tipped-in dubious banknote and rubber stampped flies. saddle-stitched.
A5 size containing 16 printed pages. Bright pink card cover with yellow dots.
Issue Five: Brighton 2008, edition size of fifty.

Okay,'s late - so sue me. The credit crunch issue looks at liars, not using your brain and spotting fakes. There's free money from the bank of Future Fantasteek included as a worthless free gift. The 'Damp Research Facilities' answer these questions: Why are people so nasty to each other ? Is greed really the future? How many of us have eaten from the Tree of Stupidity ? Can genetically enhanced monkeys with clipboards replace office staff? And could octopus DNA enable you to work longer hours? More pointless questions to ponder in a disappointing world...