Saturday 30 June 2012

Future Fantasteek! No.6

Soft-back Zine printed in mostly colour on white, yellow and green paper.
Includes a free million-squid note.
Saddle-stiched, A5 size containing 16 printed pages.
Pearly silver cover with glitter green arrow downwards.
Issue Six: Brighton 2009, edition size of fifty.

The 'Damp Research Facilities' haven’t been inventing many new life-saving gadgets this season, since they’ve been flat-out printing money. It’s fantastic! Want a new telly? Just cut-out the Million-Sqid Note included with this issue and buy what ever you’d like... with enough change left for a packet of Spangles. Also in this issue, cars of the future, have your work-ethic removed and what people say on mobiles.

To read the whole thing scroll below here: