Monday 2 July 2012

Future Fantasteek! No.13

Softback Zine printed in colour on cream and white papers.
A5 size with 20 printed pages, saddle-stitched.
Pink card cover with ‘googly-eyes’.
Brighton, July 2012, edition size of 40.
Guest Artist: Margaret Huber

Lucky No.13 - How Super! So, the olympics are ready to GO GO GO, and the Euro is ready to DIVE DIVE DIVE. Care homes are 'failing the vunerable' and the Welfare State is causing trouble AGAIN. Same 'ol, same 'ol

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Future Fantasteek! No.13 has now been carefully mailed off to various libraries and collections, so this is where you'll find them all...
  • The British Library, London UK
  • Library and Archive, Tate, Millbank, London, UK
  • The Culture Archive, Brighton UK
  • Centre for Fine Print Research, School of Creative Arts, UWE, Bristol, UK
  • Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts), Rivington Place, London, UK
  • London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, London, UK
  • National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
  • The Library Hereford College of Arts, Hereford,mHerefordshire, UK
  • Salford Zine Library, Manchester, UK
  • Bookarts Bookshop, London, UK
  • {Disarmed}, Bedeteca de Lisboa, Palácio do Contador-Mor, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Biblioteca Municipal Josep Badia i Moret, Barcelona, SPAIN
  • LA FANZINOTHÈQUE, Poitiers, France
  • Duke University, Durham NC, USA
  • Aboveground zine library, Kenner, LA, USA
  • Colorado College Special collections, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
  • Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Florida Atlantic University Library, Boca Raton, FL, USA
  • Reed College Library, Portland, OR, USA
  • Special Collections Division, Newark Public Library, Newark, NJ, USA
  • Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Booklyn Artists Alliance, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Zine World (review) Portland OR, USA
  • SLIS Laboratory Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA
  • Toronto Zine Library, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Anchor Archive, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Wellington City Libraries, Wellington, New Zealand

Preparation for issue No.13

I'm working on No.13 at the moment so should be ready in late July.
It'll be the Wanna Buy a Feejee Mermaid? issue.

Future Fantasteek! No.3

Softback Zine printed in greyscale on yellow paper, staple bound with central section in colour.
A5 size containing 16 printed pages. Bronze cover with dye cut shape.
Issue three: Brighton 2007, edition size of fifty.

Once again, the Damp Flat Research team share their fantastic inventions, ideas and advice. The evil central colour pull-out has a mirror where you can see your evil twin or simply worry more with the new Damp Worry Doll. There are inventions to help you spot a bad idea; pretend to talk like a grown-up or slow yourself down to avoid having to do anything.
That and so much more... PLUS are you really being watched?

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Future Fantasteek! No.4

Softback Zine printed in greyscale on orange and yellow paper, saddle-stitched.
A5 size with 16 printed pages. Day-Glo orange cover with yellow dots.
Issue Four: Brighton 2008, edition size of fifty.

The 'Damp Flat Research' team are wondering why eveyone's so sick lately. They are also quickly investing, on-the-side, in the pharmaceutical industry. What with Norovirus and advice on how to take a 'sickie' there seems to be no healthy folk left. This issue also includes how to spot whether you have ended-up working for the Departement of Stupidity and the right way to wash your hands.
I would write more, but I'm feeling off-colour and need to lay down...

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Future Fantasteek! No.5

...Credit Crunch Issue

My computer 'ate' this issue, so it's not on issuu or anywhere else for that matter.
I'll re-scan the original pages sometime and re-construct it, but don't go holding your breath...

You can however, see a surviving version of it here:

Softback Zine printed in greyscale on yellow paper, with colour center pages,
includes a tipped-in dubious banknote and rubber stampped flies. saddle-stitched.
A5 size containing 16 printed pages. Bright pink card cover with yellow dots.
Issue Five: Brighton 2008, edition size of fifty.

Okay,'s late - so sue me. The credit crunch issue looks at liars, not using your brain and spotting fakes. There's free money from the bank of Future Fantasteek included as a worthless free gift. The 'Damp Research Facilities' answer these questions: Why are people so nasty to each other ? Is greed really the future? How many of us have eaten from the Tree of Stupidity ? Can genetically enhanced monkeys with clipboards replace office staff? And could octopus DNA enable you to work longer hours? More pointless questions to ponder in a disappointing world...