Tuesday 30 July 2013

Future Fantasteek! No.15

Softback zine laser printed in black & white on cream and blue (for a boy) paper.
A5 size with 20 printed pages, saddle-stitched.
Manilla cover in laserprint black with hand-pulled yellow sérigraphie screen print.
Brighton, July 2013, edition size of 40.

Issue No.15 Here Comes Another One
What's been happening in the BIG WIDE WORLD... Who cares!
Look at the BABY that'll take your mind off things, the Welfare State can cope with one more...

To read the whole thing scroll below here:

Here's issue no.15 'Here Comes Another One' being printed.
For a change I printed the cover using a 30yr old serigraphie  (French children's mini screen print toy). It prints a bit erratically (or maybe that was me) using cut out paper stencils.

Here's how they came out, I printed yellow on brown wrapping paper, after laser printing the black first.