Saturday 12 November 2016

Future Fantasteek! Does Inktober 2016

I've just FINISHED Inktober 2016. The point being to make an image using ink every day during October and share of social media. There's a screen grab from Instagram below, I'll add the final images to this blog when it's all done and dusted. Here's a flick through my sketchbook...

My rules:
1. make image in sketchbook
2. only use black, white and red ink or felt pens
3. can add collaged elements ie. tape, paper, staples, stickers
4. can use rubber stamps I already have but only with black or red ink
5. show the materials used in the photos
6. stamp the date on the image

So here are the first batch as seen on Instagram

I'm also sharing them on Twitter

To see the whole series scroll here...

Friday 12 August 2016

Manchester Metropolitan University to house new zine collection

You'll notice from the photo that MMU have added a large selection of Future Fantasteek! to get their new zine collection underway, so you can now go a read them in Manchester.

Read more about the MMU collection here...

"From artists books and poster collections, to Victorian ephemera and decorated papers: Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections is a valuable resource for students and staff at Manchester School of Art. Now they are looking to further enhance the expansive works they house, by developing a collection of zines. MMU Special Collections will join institutions such as the British Library, the Tate, the Women’s Library and the Glasgow School of Art in being an institution to establish a zine collection, reflecting the ongoing interest and scholarship surrounding the ‘zine’ and its history." Extract from MMU website.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Review from the Bookartbookshop

I love this review from Jon Lander for the Bookartbookshop (London).
The 'nits of truth' final sentence is one of my favourites - up there with "A luxury in these times of garbage!" from The Bedeteca Lisbon, Portugal.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Future Fanatsteek! contribution to Spooky Woomb - The Heartbreak issue.

Future Fanatsteek! contributed to Spooky Woomb - The Heartbreak issue.
Edited by: Sprankenstein and Lorna-Leigh Harrington

Publishing Info:
UK 2016, Saddle stitched zine laser printed with card cover.
A5 portrait with 20 pages, Includes eyeball button badge.

My illustration is the hand holding the mobile phone (below).

More double-page spreads...

Featured artists in this issue are:
Lorna-Leigh Harrington; Sprankenstein; Sarah Cochrane; Chloe Dowsett; Rheo Santana
Sophia Maria; Jackie Batey; Zoe Jackson; Alex Pook-Leary; Nessa Finnegan

Link to Spooky Woomb Blog:

Thursday 23 June 2016

Future Fantasteek! now in MMU

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Confia16 - presentation about art-zines

I was really pleased to get my paper about art-zines accepted for Confia16.
The conference is on illustration and animation and this year its venue was the
lovely TEATRO GIL VICENTE in Barcelos, Portugal.

My presentation title:
Satirical zines about computers, apps and social media: Art-zines from the Zineopolis Collection. 

To read the paper, scroll here...

For more on Confia

Monday 30 May 2016

A luxury in these times of garbage!

"A luxury in these times of garbage!"
Best comment ever from 
The Bedeteca Lisbon, Portugal.

So, you can now read several issues of Future Fantasteek! in Lisbon.

Photo courtesy of 
The Bedeteca Lisbon
"The Bedeteca Lisbon continues to receive fanzines, zines and other copyright publications. The more regular these days is the British  Future Fantasteek! , English illustration zine Jackie Batey , that this number 14 reminds horse meat walking in our processed food. Viva Capitalism, mate ! Are also old numbers this title available for consultation in the third room Bedeteca in that room full of journals and "aperiodic-zinescos" after all is the only public institution (and private?) That have this type of publications !!! A luxury in these times of garbage!"
 Google translation might be a bit quirky but you get the drift...

Saturday 23 January 2016

Future Fantasteek! No.17

Softback zine laser printed in colour on white paper. 
A5 size with 20 printed pages, saddle-stitched.
Stationery A-Z divider as a cover, laser-printed in colour.
Brighton, January 2016, edition size of 40.
Art-zine that explores our relationship with technology and each other.
Why is your social tab empty?
Email WILL kill us heard it here first.

To read the whole thing, scroll below here: