Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Future Fanatsteek! contribution to Spooky Woomb - The Heartbreak issue.

Future Fanatsteek! contributed to Spooky Woomb - The Heartbreak issue.
Edited by: Sprankenstein and Lorna-Leigh Harrington

Publishing Info:
UK 2016, Saddle stitched zine laser printed with card cover.
A5 portrait with 20 pages, Includes eyeball button badge.

My illustration is the hand holding the mobile phone (below).

More double-page spreads...

Featured artists in this issue are:
Lorna-Leigh Harrington; Sprankenstein; Sarah Cochrane; Chloe Dowsett; Rheo Santana
Sophia Maria; Jackie Batey; Zoe Jackson; Alex Pook-Leary; Nessa Finnegan

Link to Spooky Woomb Blog: http://spookywoomb.tumblr.com/