Saturday 5 December 2015

Future Fantasteek! No.17 FINISHED

Future Fantasteek! Issue No.17 is ready to go in the envelopes.
This issue is called Photoshop Yourself Happier

More details to follow...

New issue! 'Photoshop Yourself Happier' no.17 is well underway.
I've been experimenting with drawing digitally as well as in my sketchbook with felt pens, for this issue. Kind of remixed photos or another version of collage, if you like.

I love that I can 'undo' drawn lines but the other half of me is saying "why should I undo anything?"
Does digital mean I faff around longer with an image?
I'm not sure yet, but will report back when I've thought about it more.

Here's an example of what I'm on about.
My old paper, my photo, my scribbles...oh my.