Monday 19 June 2023

Future Fantasteek! No.22 'Paper Cuts'

Future Fantasteek! No.22 Paper Cuts is a change from the usual A5 format, broadsheet newspaper size containing a series of drawings/collages that are about how we use words and expressions to bully each other.

12 pages colour printed on newsprint
500mm x 350mm (broadsheet format)
Edition of 100, numbered, signed and embossed
July 2023, Brighton, UK

The 'Paper Cuts' artwork explores the impact of language on mental health. Created through a combination of collage and drawing techniques, they bring attention to the passive/aggressive phrases and words that are often used to bully and blame individuals. The works feature a clash of cartoon-like imagery and hand-drawn text, highlighting phrases such as “being resilient” and “gentle reminder” that can be used in a harmful manner. Similarly, as technology rapidly evolves, so too does the absurdity of the language we use to describe it. This language is parodied to highlight how it can make us as humans feel anxious, out-of-date, or redundant. The series encourages open conversations about mental health and challenges the notion that individuals can be ‘fixed’, which distracts us from attempting to create a more equal and supportive society. It’s a call to action to rethink the way we communicate and to understand the power of words.

The series of eight collaged/drawings are part of the following touring exhibition in libraries in
London, UK 2023-2025. Supported by Creative People & Places, Arts Council England and the University of Portsmouth.