Tuesday 14 July 2020

Interview about Zineopois and Future Fantasteek! For Hotondo Zero Yen Daigaku, Japan.

It was great to do an interview recently for Masaki Okada (editor) Hotondo Zero Yen Daigaku, Japan. 
We spoke about Zineopolis the art zine collection I curate at the University of Portsmouth as well as Future Fantasteek and drawing on the train.

Article by Masaki Okada (editor) for "Hotondo Zero Yen Daigaku"(it means "Let's enjoy universities more closely.") Our focus is to introduce University-related information (e.g. interesting researches, open lectures or events, and so on) for adult learners in Japan.

There's a roughly translated (via Google) version attached below here or you can visit the site to see the original content.